Our Ideology

Technical Ideology

From a technical point of view, the KindSoftware ideology is one of correctness, elegance, information, and sharing. Our design process uses formal specification languages and our implementation process uses tools that take advantage of this specification. This increases our systems robustness, our understanding of the system, and the quality of our code and documentation. Our design goals focus on aesthetics, extensibility, maintainability, and designing for the long term.

We do nothing that is one-off, ad hoc, or "hacked". We subscribe to the Open Source viewpoint from a quality point of view and give back to the community in kind. We believe in information sharing, not information hording, for the good of all.

Finally, we believe that companies should be culpable for their software's faults. We think that commercial software licenses should not be full of disclaimers and "shink-wrap" and "click-through" licenses have little legal standing.