Our Community

Mailing Lists

Members of KindSoftware participate in several mailing lists that relate to our mission in formal methods.

It is our observation that the formal methods community doesn't seem to be really chatty. Most of these lists are very quiet, full of hard-working scientists, educators, and practitioners who rarely seem to pipe up. The mathematics-biased lists like types and categories seem to see the most activity in recent years. Thus, in our experience, there is little corrolation between the activity of a mailing list and the vibrancy of the corresponding community.

The Behavior Discussion List
This is a moderated email forum focusing on behavioral aspects of computer science and mathematics. This includes, but is not limited to, various versions of hidden algebra and behavioral equational logic, observational logic, and coalgebra, as well as systems that support them.
The Caml List
The Caml mailing list is intended for all users of the Caml implementations developed at INRIA. The purpose of this list is to share experience, exchange ideas and code, and report on applications of the Caml language.
The Categories List
This a moderated email forum focusing on Category Theory.
The Formal-Methods List
This list is used to discuss educational issues related to formal methods in computer science. It has been very quiet as of late. Email formal-methods-request@cs.uidaho.edu to join or leave the list.
The ProCoS List
This list is dedicated to Provably Correct Systems.
The Types Forum
This is a moderated email forum focusing on Type Theory in Computer Science, with a broad view of the subject encompassing semantical, categorical, operational, and proof theoretical topics.
The Rewriting List
This is a general discussion forum for researchers in rewriting theories and systems.
The Univeral Algebra List
This list is for use by the Universal Algebra community to share information and news about Universal Algebra. It is very low-volume list.