Michal Moskal

Michal Moskal graduated in 2005 from the Computer Sciance Institute at the Wroclaw University, Poland with a MSc in computer science. He is now a PhD student there, under supervision of prof. Leszek Pacholski and visited the KindSoftware group in 2007.

Michal's current main interests are programming languages and autmated theorem proving in context of formal methods. He has been working on several open source projects, including:

  • Nemerle programming language, as the initial designer and compiler developer.
  • Fx7 thoerem prover, as the sole developer.
  • PLD Linux Distribution as one the core developers.

He has also produced a few other compilers including Ksi being kind of a proof of concept GCC front end, Gont being a cross of C and ML, XSPP that was kind of a preprocessor for XSLT and BSP which was a minimalistic shell-like interpreter used during Linux boot process.

In the summer 2006 he was an intern at Microsoft Research, Redmond, working with Madan Musuvathi, Shuvendu Lahiri, Rustan Leino and Nikolaj Bjorner on improving the Zap theorem prover's performance on queries containing first order quantifiers.

Michal was a visiting PhD student in 2007 in the KindSoftware group.

Michal likes s-f, hiking and taking photos with his Nikon.