IDebug Summary

The IDebug debugging framework is an advanced debugging framework for Java. This framework provides the standard core debugging and specification constructs such as assertions, debug levels and categories, stack traces, and specialized exceptions. Debugging functionality can be fine-tuned to a per-thread and/or a per-class basis, debugging contexts can be stored and recovered from persistent store, and several aspects of the debugging run-time are configurable at the meta-level. Additionally, the framework is designed for extensibility. Planned improvements include support for debugging distributed object systems via currying call stacks across virtual machine contexts and debug information logging with a variety of networking mediums including unicast, multicast, RMI, distributed events, and JavaSpaces. Finally, we have added support for debugging mobile agent systems by providing mobile debug logs.

IDebug is now known as the Mobius Logging framework and is being extended to support digital elections logging. Development is hosted at GitHub.