BONc Summary

BONc is a parser and typechecker for the Business Object Notation (BON).

BONc is being developed by Fintan Fairmichael as part of his PhD research.

This tool reads one or more files and/or input from standard input in the BON textual format, parses all this input and typechecks it. A number of options are available to modify the typechecking that is performed. Pretty-printing input is also available, as well as creating fancy HTML pages for informal charts. Examples of the BON textual format can be found here, and examples of the HTML generated by the tool can be seen here.

More information can be found on BON at the website, and by reading the book "Seamless Object-oriented Software Architecture: Analysis and Design of Reliable Systems" which is freely available on the site, since it is out of print.

BONc is written in Java and will run correctly on any system with a 1.5/5.0 or later virtual machine.

The preferred method of using BONc is by using the Eclipse plugin, available from its update site:

The latest standalone version of BONc can be downloaded from the following page:


Please log problem tickets using the Mobius Trac at the following URL (requires a short registration):

Please include the following details (where possible):

  • the command-line arguments with which you invoked the tool
    (e.g., "bonc -i test.bon"),
  • the operating system and Java VM version you are using,
  • any input files used to recreate the bug, and
  • the output generated when you detected the bug.

Filing bugs will help to improve this software, so if you notice something amiss please do report it!