AutoGrader Summary

The AutoGrader is an Eclipse plugin that automatically grades a Java software project based upon guidelines specified by an instructor. To do so it analyzes the output of other Eclipse plugins (static checkers, dynamic checkers, verification tools, test output, etc.) and automatically grades these results, then combines those grades into a final grade.

The AutoGrader is being developed by Fintan Fairmichael under the supervision of Joe Kiniry. It is used for teaching at UCD, the University of Washington, and the IT University of Copenhagen.

The AutoGrader is written in Java and will run correctly on any system with a 1.5/5.0 or later virtual machine.

The latest version of the AutoGrader is available from


Please log problem tickets using the Mobius Trac at the following URL (requires a short registration):

Please include the following details (where possible):

  • the configuration of the plugin that you are currently using,
  • the operating system and Java VM version you are using,
  • any input files or a project used to recreate the bug, and
  • the output generated when you detected the bug.

Filing bugs will help to improve this software, so if you notice something amiss please do report it!