KindSoftware believes in producing and supporting Open Source Software (OSS).

We are not in the "information wants to be free" crowd, thus we do not do OSS for philosophical or pedagogical reasons. We believe that software created by collaborating participants in an open, non-proprietary, standard-compliant, brains-before-brawn fashion results in a higher quality product. We also believe that such a creation methodology coupled with OSS licensing is for the good of the user and consumer, and thus good for society.

We manage the development of several pieces of OSS, most notably ESC/Java2, OBJ3, IDebug, SmallEiffel for AmigaDE/Elate, and Jiki (the world's first distributed component-based Java Wiki and the root of many of the world's Java Wiki implementations today). We also participate in the development of dozens of other OSS projects including everything from GPL tools like Emacs and GCC to non-mainstream OSS like PVS, various Eiffel libraries and tools, and OCaml.